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Andrea Gnys

This Women’s Health Month, we’ll be highlighting the health journeys of four amazingly courageous women and their paths to motherhood. We understand that conversations around motherhood can be difficult for many. That’s why we want to share the topics we’ll be covering ahead of time so you can decide if you’ll be following along. We hope these stories inspire you to take a page out of their book, so you can feel your best.

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In this episode of our Women Who Inspire Us series, we’ll be sharing Andrea’s story of miscarriage and growing a family after loss.

Dear readers,

Think back to a difficult experience you had to go through – do you remember talking about it with someone in your life? Although it may feel difficult to open up and be vulnerable, it may just be exactly what you need. Take it from Andrea Gnys, a nutritionist and personal trainer.

Andrea, mama to two kids and many pets, has firsthand experience with opening up about difficult times. She and her partner knew they wanted to have children, but Andrea was born with a chromosome deficiency that left her at risk of miscarriage. Despite this, both Andrea and her partner were very hopeful and determined to be parents. Sadly, they suffered 3 losses on their journey to becoming parents to two little ones. During these painful moments of loss, Andrea sought comfort by sharing her experiences with her family as well as others who had been through similar situations.

Sharing something as personal as a miscarriage can undoubtedly feel vulnerable. But when Andrea opened up, she realized that more often than not, there’s always at least one other person in the room who understands what you’re going through. Gaining this type of support can feel rewarding, help you deal with the situation in front of you, and safely express your feelings.

The takeaway? Opening up to people may be scary, but it can help you build trust. This can not only connect you with the resources you need, but also give you a sense of comfort, belonging, and hope. Know that you’re never alone, and that depending on others for support only makes you stronger.

Check out our conversation with Andrea to learn more about her journey with pregnancy and becoming a mother.

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Looking for some guidance on navigating miscarriages or how you can build your own support system? Here are some resources that may help you:

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