Anxiety 301: A natural path towards less anxiety

It’s no surprise that sleep and nutrition impact our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Getting a good night’s sleep can help you better manage your anxiety and improve your mental wellbeing. Read on to learn how you can start sleeping better, consuming more anxiety-supporting foods, and self-reflect for better mental health.

Anxiety 201: How physical health affects mental wellbeing

The connection between mind and body is no secret: indeed, the mind-body connection has lately gone from alternative healing to scientific mainstream. If you’re curious about the ways anxiety and emotional health affects the physical body and vice versa, read on for an essential mind-body primer.

Anxiety 101: Why does anxiety happen?

Feeling anxious these days? Read on for expert tips on natural remedies for anxiety. Below, we cover the difference between anxiety and stress, types of anxiety disorders, causes of anxiety, how to recognize an anxiety attack, and give our top herbal remedies, supplements, and lifestyle tips to manage it (and know when to get help!)

First steps: your journey to self care

Putting yourself first

Self-care is a struggle for many women. Most of us need the occasional reminder to fill my own cup back up. When you’re lots of things to lots of people, it’s easy to lose track of yourself. What we have to remember, is that when we are the best version of ourselves, we can be and give the best to … Read More