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  • I have had such wonderful success with Meno-Prev, and have at least 8 other friends using it, and we all love it. I don't know anyone who has breezed through all of the menopausal symptoms like we have. Thank you!

    - D. M., Oakville, Ontario

  • What we put in our bodies matters so much! This prenatal vitamin works synergistic with food to improve my health and help my body thrive. It has done a fantastic job at supporting my body during pregnancy so far. No noted side effects like nausea and constipation which is a BONUS.

    - Kayla K., Toronto, Ontario

  • During my pregnancy and postpartum, it's been really important for me to keep my iron levels in check. I've added CanPrev's Iron Bis-Glycinate 20 into my regimen, which my midwife approves and likes very much, as it contains added B vitamins to help with absorption and assimilation of iron.

    - Jessie L., Markham, Ontario

  • Love this iron product! My doctor told me that my iron levels were very low, and that if I did not raise it, I would have to be hospitalized. I tried using the iron pills that she prescribed, but they were not helpful (only gave me constipation). By chance, I discovered this product and after 3 months of consistent use, my blood test results showed that my iron levels were in the normal range. It's really amazing!

    - Ruby M., Markham, Ontario

  • As a female distance runner, I’ve always had to supplement with iron to make sure my hemoglobin stores are stocked and ready to transport oxygen to my working muscles. CanPrev’s Iron Bis-Glycinate 20 changed the game for me as it doesn’t cause any stomach upset and is formulated with other important cofactors for absorption and bioavailability such as Vitamin C and B Vitamins.

    - Katrina A., Toronto, Ontario

  • I've been taking Thyroid-Pro for over 3 years and have seen significant positive changes, both in my mental and physical health. After going through a thyroidectomy back in 2016 due to cancer, I knew that I had to support my thyroid, on top of the daily medication needed. With the help of Thyroid-Pro, a clean diet and reduction in stress, I have been able to keep my TSH at a normal level for over 2 years. I also lost the extra weight that I put on when my thyroid levels were off! Out of all the supplements that CanPrev has to offer, Thyroid-Pro has been my #1 favourite!

    - Jill B., Oakville, Ontario

CanPrev Women Products

  • I love Healthy Hormones! It has helped improve my life greatly, my monthly cycle is regular after years of problems and my mood has improved. I will be taking this product for life.

    - Nikita R., Greenwood, Nova Scotia

  • Healthy Hormones really helped me with my pre-menopausal acne and continues to keep my face clear and beautiful. Thank you so much!

    - A.M., Edmonton, Alberta

  • After no period for over a year, I took Healthy Hormones and got my period back after 2 months. What an amazing product!

    - Leora S., Toronto, Ontario

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