Navigating the path to parenthood with CanPrev’s fertility formulas

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Embarking on the journey towards parenthood is an incredibly exciting and deeply personal experience. Whether you’re just starting to consider expanding your family or you’ve been on this path for some time, it’s only natural to have questions and seek guidance along the way. We’re here to help lighten the load and clear away the confusion as you navigate your way to welcoming bundles of joy into your family.

Better together. Fertility formulas for two.

It takes two to tango. Preparing for conception is one of the body’s biggest and most nutrient-consuming roles, which lays the foundation for healthy egg quality, sperm count and pregnancy. With a balanced lifestyle and supportive nutrients, you can improve your chances of conception. Let’s take a closer look at our formulas:

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CanPrev’s Prime Fertility naturally primes your ovulation phase, improving oocyte quality and ovulatory function. It includes a therapeutic dose of myo-inositol to help support insulin sensitivity, while encouraging better egg quality and ovulation. Essential antioxidants like coenzyme Q10 help support cellular health and reduce oxidative damage, whilechaste tree extract helps balance hormones. Formulated with active folate and choline to help support neural health and cellular development.

CanPrev’s Prime Virility is an advanced formula designed to promote healthy testosterone production, sperm motility and improve resistance to stress. It is formulated with ashwagandha and saffron to regulate stress which affects testosterone levels. Featuring acetyl-L-carnitine (an amino acid) and CoQ10 (a fat-soluble antioxidant) this formula aids in supporting mitochondrial function and maintaining cellular health.With essential nutrients zinc, selenium, and vitamin D3 for added support.

CanPrev Women Prenatal Multi with flowers in a vase in the background.

CanPrev’s Prenatal Multi is specially formulated with a full spectrum of 24 vitamins and minerals, all in their active form for maximum absorption, to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women and prenatal development. It includes folic acid, calcium, magnesium, and a gentle form of iron to support the developing nutritional needs of both mom and baby. Prenatal Multi supports the development of tissues, red blood cells, and bones. This formula also helps to reduce the risk of neural tube defects when taken daily, prior to and during early pregnancy.

Q & A’s to help you along the way

From understanding when to start taking fertility supplements to exploring how you can incorporate them into your daily routine, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Let’s dive into some of our most frequently asked questions.

Q: When should we start taking Prime Fertility and Prime Virility?

A: It’s recommended to start taking both Prime Fertility and Prime Virility approximately three months before you start trying to conceive. This lead-up window is key for supporting the healthy egg and sperm development, as it allows your body ample time to replenish and build up to a nutrient level that provides the most amount of support. Both formulas are rich in antioxidants which help to support cellular health and combat oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs when there’s an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body. Free radicals are formed from exposure to pollutants like cigarette smoke, pollution, and even sunlight, which can adversely affect fertility. However, antioxidants work to prevent and even reverse the damage caused by free radicals.

Q: How long should we use Prime Fertility and Prime Virility?

A: Continue using these formulas until you successfully conceive. Consistency is key when it comes to fertility supplements, so continue to incorporate them into your daily routine up until pregnancy.

Q: When should I stop taking Prime Fertility?

A: Once you become pregnant, you can press pause on Prime Fertility and transition to CanPrev’s Prenatal Multi. This multivitamin is specifically formulated to support the nutritional needs of expectant mothers. If you have any remaining Prime Fertility, feel free to finish the tub. However, avoid using it into the second trimester due to the presence of the ingredient, chaste tree, as it may alter hormones that are necessary during pregnancy, and can also cause early lactation.

Q: Can I take Prime Fertility and Prenatal Multi together?

A: While it may be tempting to combine these products for comprehensive support, it’s best not to do so. Taking Prime Fertility and Prenatal Multi together could result in an intake of too much folate. This is because the total amount of folate from both products would exceed the recommended amount. According to Health Canada, the daily recommended folate amount is 0.04 mg.

Fertility friendly recipes

Looking for tasty, wholesome recipes that support both baby and mom? Incorporating our fertility formulas, we’ve put together some delicious treats with cravings, fertility goals and little bundles of joy in mind.

Ready to get creative in the kitchen? Woman scooping prime Fertility powder into a drink with fresh fruits

Make breakfast meal-prep a breeze with our Prime Fertility Yogurt Cups. Creamy, dreamy and bursting with fresh strawberry flavour, this recipe helps to balance hormones with ingredients like chaste tree extract, along with folate to support embryo development.

Looking for a refreshing daytime mocktail? Our Raspberry Mojito Mocktail is filled with nourishing ingredients like antioxidant-rich raspberries, chaste tree extract and CoQ10, which help to balance hormones and prime your ovulation phase.

For more healthy recipes, check out

Your fertility journey is as unique as you are. Part of this journey means recognizing and tending to the nutritional needs that accompany this new stage of life. So, here’s to a future filled with joy, laughter, and the pitter-patter of little feet!

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