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Marni Wasserman

This Women’s Health Month, we’ll be highlighting the health journeys of four amazingly courageous women and their paths to motherhood. We understand that conversations around motherhood can be difficult for many. That’s why we want to share the topics we’ll be covering ahead of time so you can decide if you’ll be following along. We hope these stories inspire you to take a page out of their book, so you can feel your best.

Dear readers,

It’s no secret that our path to wellness is not always linear and can have its ups and downs. Our bodies are complex – some moments we feel healthy, and others we may not feel our best.

When you notice something is “off”, it can be alarming and even overwhelming at times. This was the case for Marni Wasserman, mother of two, holistic nutritionist, and wellness podcast host. After years of feeling vibrant and healthy, she began to feel run down, like her energy was tapped. She experienced a sluggish metabolism, and constantly felt puffy and inflamed. Marni and her partner were getting ready to start a family, and she worried that these symptoms could indicate a health condition that would impact her fertility. So, she decided to dive in and get to the bottom of things. She started to ask questions, put the puzzle pieces together, and truly understand why she may be experiencing these symptoms.

With the help of trusted health professionals, she was officially given a diagnosis: Hashimoto’s disease, an inflammatory condition of the thyroid gland. Due to the link between Hashimoto’s and fertility, she had valid concerns, but was willing to do everything in her power to be able to have children. Undergoing tests and working with healthcare professionals gave Marni the confidence to take ownership of her healing process and move forward with her goals of starting a family.

Taking ownership of your health can come in many forms. For Marni, it was paying attention to the way her body felt, doing her own research and seeking out health professionals to achieve her health goals.

The takeaway? It’s not always easy taking ownership. But it’s worth every moment of research, every conversation with a professional, and every change you make.

Check out our conversation with Marni to learn more about her journey with Hashimoto’s, fertility, and how she took ownership of her health.

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If you’re looking for some guidance on how you can take ownership of your health or want to learn more about motherhood, here are some resources that may help you:

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