Building your self care tribe

Having a tribe that best supports your self-care goals and builds your community of care, can help keep you at the top of your (ever-growing) list. Your people can help keep you accountable and well-supported, and in turn, that feeling of community and understanding can help prevent feelings of anxiety, depression, burnout, isolation and exhaustion.

Those we care about and care for us back can be our greatest sources of support and motivation to keep healthy and happy. Reach out to your partner, a friend, a family member and start a self-care practice together. Perhaps it’s joining a yoga class or starting the same meditation series or listening to a podcast you both love.

Story sharing can be so comforting - we might discover new things about the people in our lives - maybe they’ve actually been through a similar experience. This can help increase understanding and perspective of our own and other’s experiences too. Schedule regular check-ins and set goals together - these can keep you accountable to self-care and motivated to be your best self.


Community groups
Whether online or in-person, meeting with those with similar interests, health goals, values and journeys can further build that sense of tribe. How wonderful it is to find a group (or start a group!) of like-minded people who share similar stories and understand each other’s struggles and joys.

Your community of care, your tribe, sees you, feels you and wants you to succeed. Look for them, and then to them for support and to keep you accountable to being your best self. You deserve it.

Healthcare practitioners & Coaches
Align with health practitioners that best support your health and self-care goals, including NDs, MDs, massage therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, therapists and life coaches. Look for those that offer “discovery” calls or visits. These usually comprise of a complementary short phone call or visit where you can ask questions about the type/style of practice, the experience, as well as gauge your comfort level and connection. We encourage you to work with practitioners that you best align with and feel comfortable being open and honest with and where you feel heard.

"Take a moment now to think of 2 people in your life that you can reach out to today, to start building this circle of care."
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