Strategies to Optimize Your Hormone Health

How stress can trigger hormonal imbalances & cause unwanted health issues

Join Samantha Gladish, hormone and nutrition expert, and author of The 30-Day Hormone Solution, and Tanya Salituro, founder of CanPrev for an educational webinar!

  • How stress can trigger hormonal imbalance
  • How this affects women’s overall health and wellness
  • Strategies, tips, and solutions to get hormone health back on track

Supporting hormone health can help our bodies manage the anxiety, and stress coming our way. Managing hormonal imbalances can help with achieving optimal mental and physical health, and can prove beneficial short and, especially, long term during times of high stress and anxiety.

Discussion Topics:

  • Is cortisol causing you chaos? Learn how chronically elevated cortisol can alter progesterone, estrogen and thyroid hormone function.
  • Recognizing symptoms:  trouble sleeping, low mood, lack of energy & confidence, bone loss, weight gain, low libido, thinning hair, dry skin, or stubborn belly fat - plus learn how to get out of this vicious cycle?
  • Key nutritional strategies: discover how we metabolize healthy fats, fibre, protein, and herbs and learn the role these nutrients play in gaining hormone health.

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Samantha Gladish

Samantha Gladish

Samantha Gladish is a Toronto-based Women’s Holistic Health Coach, public speaker, podcast host, award-winning blogger, and author of The 30 Day Hormone Solution. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and a weight loss expert, Samantha specializes in helping women lose weight & balance their hormones with food.


Tanya Salituro

Tanya Salituro

A cancer survivor and a busy mother of four, Tanya Salituro started CanPrev fifteen years ago to share the passion she developed for natural health during her three separate journeys with breast cancer.

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Date: Mon, June 22, 2020
Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm EST
Cost: FREE

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